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Summer Ends Early? 

Let’s see how the last 6 or so months have gone for the Australian cricket team. Win t20 World Cup – Accomplished, Win/Retain the Ashes and embarrass England – Accomplished, Beat Sri Lanka in t20’s – TBD and finally Beat New Zealand in the Chapple-Hadlee series- Not going to happen. 

Now, while yes I’m upset about not being able to sit back and watch and enjoy the amazing 50 over cricket that the Aussie and Kiwi teams would have put on for the masses it is off for far reasons. Those reasons are that the BlackCaps could not be guaranteed entry back in to the country at the completion of the series. By doing this it brings to end not just the international career of one all time greats of New Zealand cricket in Ross Taylor but for the first time in 44 years there are no ODI’s scheduled for the Australian summer. 

The last Australia vs New Zealand ODI series lasted just 1 match due to the coronavirus pandemic (@ICC)

How can we rectify that? I have to say that I am completely in agreeance with the suggestion that a lot of people have made and that is to schedule a last minute series against Australia A. Yes that may seem like a crazy wacky idea but just want to ask you why is it a bad idea to look at this fixture as a viable option? Let me attempt to explain the reason why we should hope this eventuates. 

First of all Australia A is a team that plays very regularly (well not so much in the last few years) and would be a great way to test the player’s next in line with how they can perform overseas and also get used to the conditions in other countries. The overseas tours were not all that they played, they would also play home series against the other nations equivalent sides and on one occasion of note they even competed in the one day tri-series as well forcing it to be a quad series. 

Now I don’t want to age myself but for those of you who may be unaware of what I am talking about up until the Australian summer of 2007/08 following the test series Australia would host an ODI tri series against the team that played the test series and one other team. Admittedly we did see it make a return in the 2011/12 and the 2014/15 seasons, yet the 2014/15 version was completely different then normal by having only 1 final instead of a best of 3 series. 

Australia celebrates after winning the tri series final. AAP/David Mariuz

Look I’m not saying to bring it back as a tri-series or quad-series but after this year it could be something to look at moving forward to help keeping the next players coming through progressing along the ranks. Now to touch on what I mentioned earlier on in regards to the Australia A competing in one of these ODI series. 

To look back at the one and only incredible series that included Australia A we need to go back to the 1994/95 seasons one day series that also included obviously the main Australian team, England and Zimbabwe competing against Australia A. This was a change to the originally planned series as originally Australia A wasn’t meant to be in the series and for the English team and supporters I’m sure they still wish they weren’t. 

Australia A celebrate a wicket against England. Getty Images/Getty Images

What made this series so incredible is despite only making it on net run rate believe it or not the final was Australia vs Australia A. Yes it’s surprising to see that Australia A had a better tournament then England but if you look at some of the players that had been selected for the A team they are players who would go on to become legends of the game and they were Matthew Hayden, Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting as I said to just name a few. 

Lastly while yeas the main quote am won the best of 3 finals series 2-0 and very convincingly in the 2nd game you just need to look at the experience it gave  those players that were on the precipice of the main team. Now I’m not saying that Australian A would win but surely it would be a great chance and even bigger challenge for the so called 2nd 11 to step up and get ready to earn their spot in the main team and to also maybe to push the main Australian team on to potentially break some records. 

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