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McGowan continues to F**k Perth

By now I’m sure we all agree that WA Premier Mark McGowan is a Clown. The evidence is mounting weekly and just this week he cemented his status as Australia’s worst Premier and biggest clown. He announced on Friday that the planned February 5 re-opening date would be no more and instead the closure of the state to other Australian states would be extended indefinitely.

Western Australia’s strict border closure has thrown sporting codes across Australia into turmoil for the past 656 days, forcing clubs like the Perth Scorchers of the BBL and both Men’s and Womens A-League side for Perth Glory to set up camp in other states due to restrictions from the WA government. For the Perth Scorchers it seemingly hasn’t affected the way they go about things seeing as they still finished on top of the BBL ladder by some margin despite the unsettled nature of there season. They’ve been forced to play home games at Marvel Stadium in Victoria just to be apart of the season this year. But as I said, It hasn’t seemed to affect them to bad. They play the Sydney Sixers tonight in a playoff for the Grand Final and are favourites to win according to BlueBet sportsbook. Should they go on and win the competition, it will be more impressive than any of there previous titles, although they wont be able to do it in front of their home fans this time around.

Photo by Morgan Hancock/Getty Images

But for Perth Glory, it’s been a long time between games at home and in front of there home fans. They were lucky enough to play the first home game of the season in front of their fans where they were able to show off marquee signing Daniel Sturridge all be it for only 10 minutes. The plan was then for Perth to play a run of games away from home before returning home on the 15th of January. But with Covid continually getting in the way of football, this plan quickly changed. But the February 5th date was still firmly in the mind of Perth Players, Officials and Fans as the date they’d finally see their team at home again. But, alas, that dream is no more.

A little part of me thinks that the people of WA only have themselves to blame. Now I couldn’t give 2 shits about politics, in my opinion all politicians are only in it to look after themselves, so I have ZERO respect for any politician, but this alleged dictator had shown his hand well before he was re-elected in March last year. He love the control and having the power to shut WA out from the rest of the Country and world, so to put this power-hungry clown back into office is shocking to me. The other option must have been really bad if this was the “Better” choice.

Photo from @SamanthaKerr20 on Instagram

It was great to see the goat Sam Kerr come out overnight, while she’s focussing on an Asian Cup campaign with the Matildas to condemn the decision from the clown to not open up on the 5th. Imploring the “Premier” to have some compassion for those who haven’t been able to see family for nearly 2 years. Perth Glory CEO Tony Pignata also reached out to their fans with this tweet, sharing in the frustration and sadness of not being able to see the team play at home. What makes this situation worse for Perth Glory is the situation around there first major marquee signing in Daniel Sturridge. Part of the idea of bringing him in was to grow the profile of the club in Perth, but with not being able to show him off in front of their home fans, they are missing out on huge financial and attendance benefits that come along with a big signing like this.

The chance of Sturridge re-signing for a 2nd season with Perth are still up in the air. There is the potential that because of this unique situation that he may feel he owes Perth a second season if they are able to play at home, but still, hes a big name in football, if he can put some sort of form together in the back end of the A-League Men’s season he may draw interest from bigger clubs in Asia or even England. Time will tell. All I know is that Mark McGowan is royally fucking the sports fans and people in general of Western Australia.

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