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Welcome to the Divisional Round of the NFL.

Well the wild card round had some ups and downs as far as the games go and we also said goodbye to a legend of the game in Mr. Ben Roethlisberger.

Let’s start off with Las Vegas v Cincinnati game. I was pretty much right with this game even though I thought that Las Vegas would put up more of a fight, but the former LSU alum Joe Burrow showed the class that he has, and I could say the is going to be the Bengals “generational” Quarterback if he keeps this form up. Between the run and passing game of the offence and the pressure that was brought by the defense Cincinnati it could very well serve them well for a longer run in the playoffs.

Bengals Win 26-19

Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Now on to the blowout of the weekend all I can say I congrats to Buffalo for showing up and teaching my Patriots a lesson in how to play football. The Patriots were not the Patriots of old. Missing assignments on both sides of the ball cost them dearly but the only that Patriots fans could say is that Mac Jones now knows what it feels like to be put under pressure by a defense that just has run wild in the last few games.  As for Buffalo they did everything right. Their defense was on show and Allen had the game of his life in my eyes. Even though I’m a patriot’s fan I really want to see how deep Buffalo can go.

Buffalo Win 47-17

Photo: Barry Chin / The Boston Globe via Getty Images

So this game didn’t really shock me. Tom Brady does what Tom Brady does he dominates games. I haven’t seen too much of the Bucs games this year but this one was one to watch. It was an offensive delight to watch. Saying that the Eagles will now be looking to the draft to hopefully get a few players they need to be able to have a more competitive team.

Buccaneers Win 31-15

Photo Courtesy of Drafkings Nation

Well now this next game I really didn’t want to write about as I know the Dallas faithful probably have been and still be reeling after this game. This game had the hallmarks of a great game however San Francisco took it by the horns in the first half and help Dallas to seven. Then like most 49ers teams they shot themselves in the foot buy letting a couple of stupid penalties and allowing Dallas back into the game. Then comes the biggest stuff up by a player that I have ever seen. Dak Prescott doesn’t hand the ball to the Umpire and places it himself then the umpire put the ball back and then that’s game.  49ers win it.

49ers win 32-17

Photo By Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

No in this game we said goodbye to one of the Legends of the NFL Ben Roethlisberger. I was not hoping for this to happen as I would have loved to see Big Ben win one more title, but Kansas City was just way too good for them. Too many mistakes are what caused Kansas to win this game.

Chiefs win 42-21

Photo Courtesy of

The final game of the weekend sees La Rams against the Arizona Cardinals. LA were just too good against a Cardinals team that didn’t show up at all as I think that Kyler Murray already had it in his mind that he wanted to go back to baseball if they lost. La from start to finish was on fire.

Rams win 34-11

This weekend’s game sees The Titans at home against the Bengals, Packers play the 49ers, Buccaneers play the Rams, and the Chiefs play the Bills.

Out of all these games the Bengals game and Rams games are the most interesting as I want to see if the Bengals Fairytale can continue, I also want to see the Rams can knock off old man Brady. Here are my tips below:

Bengals v Titans: Bengals by 7

Packers v 49ers: Packers by 14

Buccaneers v Rams: Rams by 3

Chiefs v Bills: Bills by 7 in overtime.

I will be back next week with the round up from the divisional round. Stay safe.

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