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The Warnambool Classic is BACK!

For the first time since January 202, the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic has been run and won. Easily the biggest Sprintcar race weekend in the country, the Classic had not been run in 2021 dues to all the Covid restrictions on interstate travel forcing many of the best drivers in Australia to not be able to attend. But in 2022 it returns, and as disappointed as I was to not be able to attend, the fact it is back and hopefully moving forward will be uninterrupted, planning trips down for the race in 2023 and beyond will be easier.

For those who don’t follow Sprintcar racing, you should. Yes, they only go around in circles and when your new to the sport it can be hard to keep track of who’s winning in the longer races, but the entertainment factor is unmatched in all of motorsport. Any driver on there day can have a set up worthy of winning any race as we saw with this year’s classic winner. The danger factor and the intensity of the crashes when they do happen make it unbelievably exhilarating especially when there’s up to 30 car on a track slightly longer than 400 metres. The close racing and high speed combined with the ability to roll a car 4 or 5 times on a big wreck makes it the ultimate spectator sport in racing. And at Sungold Milk Premier Speedway there is NO bad seats in the place.

Photo Courtesy of Speedcafe.com

As always, the Classic brings in all the best drivers across Australia and this year was no different. Premier Speedway’s own and Australian Champion Jamie Veal was ready to take the title for the first time since 2016 after finishing runner up in both 2019 and 2020. Ian Madsen is back in the country after driving in the US in recent times and was looking to secure his first classic title to join his  brother Kerry as a classic winner. Supercar’s driver Cam Watters was also in the field for his second classic, 2019 champion Robbie Farr was also ready to take back the crown from the favourite for the event James “JMac” McFadden who had recently returned to Australia after a rookie of the year season in the World Of Outlaws in the US for Kasey Kahne Racing and was showing incredible form since being back home. Not to mention quick young American Carson Macedo was back in 2022 ready to hopefully be the first American since Kyle Hirst in 2015 to take home the Classic.

Photo Courtesy of Speedcafe.com

Throughout the field there were plenty of household names to those fans of Sprintcar racing but it was Queensland’s Lachlan McHugh #7 who won his first Grand Annual Sprintcar classic after holding off defending champion James McFadden who had a rough night and just couldn’t find the speed to pass the Queenslander. Carson Macedo won the Hard Charger award for qualifying via the B-Main to finish 8th in the A-Main which is an incredible effort. Despite Finishing 2nd in the feature race, my guy James McFadden won the Ian Sheppard Memorial Award for finishing the weekend with the most points in the field. But I’m sure he would trade that in for back-to-back classics and a third for his career, but at least he continues his amazing form since returning from the States and will surely carry this form when he returns over to the States for his second fulltime season with the Outlaws latter this year.

SO that’s it, another Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic is run and won, hopefully next year myself and a few guys from FanBabble Sports will be down there to cover it live for the website. Congrats to Lachlan McHugh for his first Classic win and all eyes in the Sprintcar world will turn to the Australian Tittle at Perth Motorplex on the 11th and 12th of February where Jamie Veal will look to retain his A1 number for another year.

If you’re reading this and you’re from Sydney or NSW and haven’t been to a Sprintcar event, get your tickets for February 26th for the First official event to be held at Sydney’s new home of Speedway racing, Eastern Creek Speedway for the NSW Sprintcar Title.

Photo taken from Eastern Creek Speedway on Facebook

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