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The Paul brothers are bringing in a new audience to the fight game, and I’m all in

So, I’m not a massive boxing fan I’ve got to say, more into the MMA/UFC side of combat fighting. But when I hear Jake Paul or Logan Paul are getting in the ring with someone who knows how to fight like Floyd Mayweather or Tyron Woodley, I’m definitely interested. And I feel like as the sport of boxing moves on and their traditional fans age gets older and older. What the Paul Brothers are doing for the sport of Boxing is bringing it to a younger audience, one that without the names Logan Paul or Jake Paul wouldn’t give boxing the time of day.

Photo Courtesy of the AAP

The older generation of boxing fan looks at a Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua fight as one of the biggest in the sport, and don’t get me wrong, I love AJ but hes and the way boxing has done it for years, isn’t going to bring the younger generation of sports fans to go to a fight let a lone watch it on PPV. But when Logan Paul goes around on his podcast, YouTube channel, TikTok and other shows and talk shit about how his brother Jake will knock out Woodley this time around, that gets a whole new audience to pay attention on mediums that traditional boxing doesn’t normally appeal to.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the quality of Boxing in a Paul Brothers fight is up there with a Fury v Joshua, Joshua v Usyk, but if Ive got a choice between Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley 2 or Anthony Joshua v Usyk2, I know exactly what brings me more interest and its not even close. And obviously what the Paul Brothers are doing is working. When it comes to promoting a fight or getting there way when it comes to an opponent, no one is doing it better right now in the fight game.

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley with a knock-out punch in a much-anticipated fight in Florida on Sunday. Getty Images / Mike Ehrmann

Connor McGregor was the king of fight promotion when he was good in the UFC. He could talk the talk and had the ability to back it up, but in the later part of his career his talk is cheap, and he isn’t the fighter he once was. As Dana White UFC President said on the Dave Portnoy show, “money changes people and he doesn’t need to keep fighting because he has his money now”. Right now, aside from the Paul Brothers, there isn’t anyone who sells a fight in boxing the way Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Don King, and a host of others who saw the promotion side of the game as the key part in making the money.

Obviously, the Paul boys have ruffled some feathers in the fight game. A very public spat between Logan Paul and UFC President Dana White in recent times, and the fact that for merely taking a photo with his hated rival Abdu Rozik, Internet sensation (for some fucking reason) called out Logan Paul, saying he wanted to make Paul his next victim. Jake Paul has also caught the ire of an actual big name in the fight game, Tyson Fury did not mince his words early in December when he said, “Jake Paul can go suck a dick for all I care”, “They’re fucking bitches at the end of the day and if you don’t like the language, get fucked – this is not for kids!” So clearly there is some animosity and maybe its due to the fact that they can promote and build a big paycheck fight better than he can these days.

The fight game is clearly changing and the Paul brothers who have actual skill in the ring, despite what some boxing “purists” want to say, and they will bring the sport of Boxing back to relevance doing it their way, the modern way. They get what gets people hooked, and they know how to use it to their advantage. What we’ve seen over the past 18 months is just the beginning, the Paul Brothers are here to stay, and in the wise words of Connor McGregor “(there) not just here to take part, there here to take over”, and as a very outside looking in boxing fan, I’m all for it!

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