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This years Superbowl could be fun

Following Championship Sunday this past weekend, we are now set up for a Superbowl that will deliver us a different Superbowl Champion from the usual Chiefs, Patriots, or a team with Tom Brady in it. Instead, this year we get Matt Stafford in his first year with the LA Rams, up against the new guys on the block the Cincinnati Bengals led by National Championship winning LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow. The Bengals up until this season hadn’t won a playoff game since the 1990 season and had never won a Road playoff game in their franchise’s history.

I’m sure most NFL fans if they couldn’t have their own team in the Superbowl they’d be happy with this set up. As a Patriots fan, I’m happy we made the playoffs again this year after a MASSIVE 1-year drought, but never had any real expectations about making the Superbowl this year…….but next year for sure. So, to see a Rams with Stafford leading the offence after everything he went through in Detroit is a nice feeling. And on the other side, as a massive college football fan, seeing an SEC guy in Joe Burrow playing in a Superbowl in his 2nd season is something amazing. Obviously hes a good Quarterback, and he has one of his favourite weapons playing along side him in Ja’Marr Chase is definitely one of the reasons why the Bengals and Joe Burrow have done as well as they have this year.

This years Superbowl is also, for the second year in a row that the host stadium will also be a home ground advantage with the LA Rams playing out of SoFi Stadium during thew regular season. Will it be as advantageous as it was for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in last years Superbowl. Although when it comes to the Superbowl, home ground doesn’t always matter. With the amount of tickets given away to corporate sponsors and people or businesses who aren’t fans of either team, the advantage is definitely diminished somewhat.

Photo Courtesy of Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the Bengals, breaking the drought of a Playoff win for the first time in 31 years, and also recording there first road Playoff win in their franchise history has definitely broken drought. Not to mention they’ve been on the road the whole way through the playoffs now, so playing in a hostile environment is something they’re very must use to this year, and if you can go into Arrowhead stadium in the peak of winter and win, nothing will phase you. Maybe the awe of playing in the Superbowl for a few newbies may over awe them, but they’ve looked good up until this point, so I’m not really sure anything will phase these guys. A true testament to how the Bengals Head coach has built this team and the culture hes developed in Cincinnati.

I really cant put a proper prediction out for this one. The Bengals coming back from 21-3 down to stun the Chiefs at home is a huge effort, but the Rams had to do it the hard way as well coming back from 10 points down against the 49ers. All I can say is, thank god that before the Patriots next dynasty begins next season, we will get a fresh new Superbowl Champion. Although I’m definitely not impressed, we have to wait a whole extra week for the game.

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