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A Historic night at Leichardt for Sydney’s SkyBlue Ladies

Wednesday the 2nd of February will go down in Sydney FC history as the night this amazing group of girls broke the record for the most consecutive clean sheets in the A-League Womens history. A 2-nil win over Brisbane Roar brought up 8 Clean sheets in arrow amassing over 12 hours since the last goal conceded for this side. Manager Ante Juric has definitely built a solid, well-balanced squad from Jada in goals to the deadly threat up front of Siemsen, Vine and Rojas.

Photo Courtesy of @SydneyFC on Twitter

I’ve been pretty vocal to other Sydney FC fans and on the Circle in Rectangle show about how this season you are a better chance of seeing the Womens team win than the men’s right now. And to be in the Cove on a cold rainy Wednesday night in Leichardt was the perfect setting for the record to be broken.

The game wasn’t without its chances for Brisbane to end the streak and ruin everybody’s good time. But as always, Jada was at her finest. Some amazing saves from some powerful shots on target, most memorable for me was the 1st half strike which saw Jada pull off an amazing save to her left-hand side to deny Shea Connors a goal that would’ve tied the game. As hard as Brisbane tried, the impenetrable wall that is Sydney’s back 4 would not be broken.

Obviously, a lot of the credit for this success goes to the Girls playing the game, But Manager Ante Juric has to share much of the credit. The squad hes built over the past 2 seasons is nothing short of incredible. Last season they jumped out to commanding lead in the during the season but were pegged bag by eventual champions Melbourne Victory. And the loss in the grand final thank to a great corner from Kyra Cooney-Cross will be fresh in the minds of the largely unchanged Sydney FC Squad.

Clearly the loss in the Final last season hurt Ante. The SkyBlues re-loaded this year bringing in promising young  future Matildas Rebecca Nash and Sarah Hunter, as well as  retaining some big names in Cortnee Vine, Remy Siemsen and Rachel Lowe. The form of Mackenzie Hawkesby in the midfield is also key to the success their having. Despite losing Clare Wheeler to Europe in the off season, they remain the deadliest side in front of goal. New singing from Adelaide, Maria Rojas has also been a welcome addition to the sides already clinical forward line, although minutes have been hard for her to come by.

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Rojas has been crucial to Sydney FC in the absence of Matildas Siemsen and Vine. Many may have thought the SkyBlue ladies would lose their attacking edge while the pair were away for the Asian Cup, but Rojas’s 4 goals in the 3 games during the Asian Cup have helped Sydney maintain there attacking dominance.

As I write this blog I just think about how during the off season, one of the biggest reasons for this amazing sides success almost left the club. Nat Tobin, our amazing captain was all set to sign for Perth Glory, but by some miracle we managed to keep our loyal captain, the heart of our defence alongside her often not recognised enough defensive partner Charlotte McLean have been impossible to break down, sniffing out every attack that’s come their way.

Photo Courtesy of @SydneyFC on Twitter

This incredible record is a whole squad effort. While Jada Whyman is the backbone of the defence and has been Incredible this year and last, it is a team effort, and the girls are playing lights out this season. As a Sydney FC fan, the Womens team is our only realistic chance of winning any trophies this season so I’m hoping that there amazing form will continue. With only one blemish on their record this season in the 1st Sydney derby, which ended in a 0-0 draw, One last major test awaits our Girls in Blue. With the Big Blue postponed due to Covid issues (of course), the meeting with the Victory, the side that beat them in last years Grand Final, will be the final test to see how strong the 2021/22 side really is. But for now, I’m going to enjoy watching them play, seeing them grow as a squad and continue to dominate the league on there way to a (hopefully) Championship this year.

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