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Sydney FC are back where they belong, On top!

After a tough start to the new season for the Boys in Blue, finally they have been restored to the top of the Isuzu Ute A-League Men’s ladder. Setting the league back into a state of Normality once again. Sydney’s men’s side join their womens side who occupy the top of the Liberty A-League womens ladder at the same time, although for them it’s been pure dominance this season.

Photo Courtesy of the LiveScore App

Now I know what people are thinking while reading this, “You’ve played more games than everyone else” “You wont be on top for long” and yeah that may be right, for now, but the way the boys have been playing in recent times has shown a turn around in form. From watching as a fan, the loss to Perth Glory seemed to be the catalyst for this quick turn around in form. During the Perth game, the side played with no energy or pride in the jersey.

Let’s face it, Perth are probably the worst side in the league this season and suffering the worst situation of any side, except maybe Wellington. And even though they have marquee signing Daniel Sturridge in there squad, its by far the worst squad in the League. So, for FC to lose to Perth at home was a sobering feeling for not just the players, but also us fans. And with easily the biggest derby on the horizon against the Melbourne Victory, I was not expecting to see the performance we did.

Perth Glory have scored a confidence-boosting A-League Men win, beating Sydney FC 2-1. Credit: AAP

A 2-2 draw in Melbourne in the Big Blue was an unexpected result to say the least. Watching the game, I had no confidence in Sydney’s chance to win this derby, or even grab a point. The Victory had been high flying in the league this season, while Sydney had been struggling for from. But the way Sydney played in the Big Blue was a surprise. It would’ve been the perfect way to end the game when the ball fell to Elvis Kamsoba to win it for Sydney but alas the shot was blocked down.

Just this past weekend, the SkyBlues continued there return to form with a comeback win over a very exciting and solid Central Coast Mariners team. The way they played in the game, coming back from being 2-1 down showed that the Perth loss before the big blue had really shocked the Sky Blues back into form. To complete the form turnaround, or to carry it on as the season progresses, last night Sydney went into Adelaide and came away with a 2-1 win to carry on there fine form. A great penalty save from rookie Keeper Tom Heward-Belle to secure the win was the icing on the cake for yet another great performance. Steve Corica is going to have a tough selection issue on his hands when it comes to the number 1 spot. Redmayne on the bench last night was a surprise, but maybe its time for a change in goals for Sydney FC, and god knows Tommy deserves his chance.

Sydney FC’s next game against Western United will be a great test to see where they are at this season. Western United, under severely overrated manager John Aloisi have been performing well above expectations this season, so a win in this one at Nestraata Jubilee will be a huge boost for Sydney FC and maybe silence the doubters who might not believe this is a return to dominance for Sydney FC.

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