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The Melbourne Victory are “Champions”

Last night we were all witness to an even that for 99% of Football fans in this country was shocking and a hard pill to swallow. Even Newcastle Jets fans would be disappointed that the Victory beat the Mariners in the FFA Cup final last night. But do we really call our Cup winners “Champions”? Doesn’t sound right to me.

A thrilling game for an FFA Cup final, Big crowd, easily the biggest we’ve seen this season and a noise you would expect from a final. A massive home end singing the whole way through and a good contingent of Mariners fans who made the trip down to AAMI Park for the final, this game really did have that cup final feel. Unfortunately, The wrong team won. The Melbourne Victory won the final 2-1 after a great freekick from Jason Davidson and a well-controlled volley from a counterattack play by Chris Ikonomidis later in injury time to seal the win. Mariners Captain Ollie Bozanic scored a beautifully place striker to give the Mariners a sniff of a chance but unfortunately for everyone whose not a Victory fan, it was too late to really scare the Victory.

But game aside, what the Victory active support were singing after Ikonomidis scored what turned out to be the winner has me a little confused. They were singing “We are Champions” which as I’m sure we all realise, Champions are the winner of the Isuzu Ute A-League Men’s Grand Final, not the domestic cup. Cup winners is about as good as it gets when you win the FFA Cup, and to be fair, even when Sydney FC won it back in 2017, I didn’t really care. In Australia, its coming top of the League and Winning the Grand Final, those ae the 2 trophies that matter. Maybe in 20 years the FFA Cup will have more allure when it comes to winning it, but for me, its just a fun tournament until all the NPL teams are out of it. Your not champions, your just cup winners.

Photo Courtesy of @GoMVFC on twitter

Now I don’t want this to come off as me belittling the cup. Like I said, when the NPL sides around the country are involved its great, plus it gives us an excuse to get to some old school grounds in the early rounds. This  year I was at Menai Hawks v Sydney Olympic at Seymour Shaw in Sutherland and had planned on getting to a few other games before the lockdown ended any chance of that. Plus, it gives you some giant killer moments much like the FA Cup in England. This year I watched in awe as APIA Leichhardt knocked out the Wanderers, and almost saw Menai knock out Sydney Olympic at that previously mentioned game. But at the end of the day, when the NPL sides are out, and the true upsets are done with, it just isn’t as big a deal as I’m sure the Victory and their fans are making it out to be right now.

Photo Courtesy of wwos.nine.com.au

I guess I should finish this blog congratulating the Melbourne Victory on their first trophy for a few years. It’s been a tough time for the Victory over the past few season. But they did manage to win the first wooden spoon in the club’s history last season. For those not from Australia, we have a fascination with giving the last placed team an award since we don’t have promotion/relegation in this country……yet. But for Victory fans I’m sure it’s a sign for them that the tough times are over. Tony Popovic has arrived and already delivered a trophy, but remember Victory Fans, he was at the Wanderers before a better opportunity came along and he just left, so don’t get too comfortable with him just yet.

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