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Does anyone actually care about the Winter Olympics?

I only just realised today that the 2022 Winter Olympics was currently ongoing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. As a sports fan you would think I would be all over a major “Tournament’ like this, but I legitimately could not care less. Not just because I’m am dead against the host Nation and City of the 2022 Games, but also because, I really don’t find it interesting.

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I guess it all starts with the whole awarding people, a medal for winning something is just bland. Make it a proper trophy like on the podium for an F1 race and then I might be keen, but I guess its just the sports are much like the Summer Olympics……mostly boring. I can usually get around the Ice Hockey and Curling but the rest is just not appealing at all.

It could also be that being in Australia where we rarely get any temperatures cold enough for snow except in certain areas so most of the country is unable to see the snow or even go to the areas it happens. If I was to care about any of the 2 games, it would probably be the winter one. Snowboarding is ok although the Summer games has hit back by allowing Surfing and Skateboarding to be at the games, but still, something about skating around with knives on the bottom of their shoes is pretty cool.

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This year is gunna be a tough one, usually I don’t watch the Olympics anyway so its not to much of an issue but the World Cup for me is a huge event. And this year England actually have a chance at winning after our impressive Euros performance last year. But for the same reason as I would never watch a major tournament in a country that is as bad as China, I also am conflicted about watching this years World Cup. A lot of issues with the Country its being held in, not to mention it should’ve been in Australia this year are 2 of the major reasons. Also, that it will be held in November this year, in the middle(ish) of the domestic seasons over Europe also throw the world of Football into anarchy.

Norway is among the countries to have raised concerns over human rights in ***** ©Getty Images

But this is about the Winter Olympics and how irrelevant the Olympics are in general on the world  stage. The viewership for the opening cemetery this year dropped by 43% according to NBC, the Chief broadcaster in the United States. The viewership will surely be down for the events as they progress, and we will find that out in time. The winter games have always been the lesser viewed of the 2 games, but a 43% drop is fairly dramatic. The drop for the Summer games wasn’t anywhere near as big, although the was still a drop of 36%, which is pretty big considering the numbers the US usually experiences during these games.

The US viewing numbers is a good reflection of the viewership as a whole worldwide. The only country that usually experiences a growth is the host country. It was Japan for the summer games and likely the numbers in this year’s winter Olympics games host country will also be boosted. But there is now doubt, every 4 years both the Summer and Winter Olympic games lose viewership and interest continues to drop.

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  1. Winter Sports such as those represented by the Winter Olympics are mostly cost and access prohibitive to the average American. Most of these sports are only affordable by those with the financial means and access to specialized training facilities i.e probably less than 1% of the US Population. Every snowboarder, figure skater represents thousands and thousands worth of disposable income over many years. Nothing against the dedication of the athletes intended here, just speculating why Winter Olympics aren’t very popular. Conversely, most Americans have access to a pair of sneakers and a place to run so the thought of becoming an Olympic Champion in the Summer Gamers seems much more obtainable to a larger share of the population.


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