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Wtf’s happened to Cricket Australia?

So, I usually don’t delve into the cricket world often, I find it kind of boring, especially the test matches. But did Cricket Australia actually let Justin Langer walk away from the job as head coach of the Australian team? Or is it true that they pushed him out? Because if the rumours are true (and where there’s smoke there’s fire) they pushed him out to open the door for there buddy. The worst part is that Cricket Australia and snakes in the team (likely Warner and Smith) lead a revolt against one of Australian crickets’ greatest legends.

Photo Credit: Steve Bell/Getty Images

The top brass at CA literally let Pat Cummins, a man who isn’t fit to hold any of the previous Australian Captains jock strap, have a huge influence over a team he has zero ability to lead. And now a great man with an incredible success rate and win ratio, walk away from the job.

Now it wasn’t completely Pat Cummins fault, Cricket Australia gave him an insult of a 6-month contract extension. The man Literally delivered a T20 World Cup win, and a demolition of England in a Home Ashes series, despite my fandom of England. What has happened to the might that once was the Australian Cricket team and Cricket Australia. It used to be the biggest thing during the summer, even I would be glued to my seat for 5 days of a test match over the holidays period. Legends like Ponting, McGrath, Hayden, Waugh(s), and Countless others have been replaced by these weak soft snakes currently playing in the team.

I don’t even want to mention the whole Ball Tampering thing from a few years ago, but under proper leaders like Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Allan Border there is no way something as despicable as that would ever have happened under there watch. Instead, Cricket Australia has elevated certain players to the captaincy when they don’t have the leadership capabilities to handle the job. Tim Paine was someone who I thought would be able to handle the job, but alas a stupid stupid mistake from him cost him. Yet again a stupid elevation and judgement from Cricket Australia.

Nowadays Cricket during the summer is almost irrelevant. With the rise of the A-League men’s and Womens competitions under a new Broadcaster, not to mention its rise over the past few seasons. A new and improved NBL competition bringing in big US names or returning ex NBA Aussies like Matty Dellavedova or Mitch Creek, Cricket in this country has an uphill battle to remain relevant and fight for the top spot for summer sports. And lets face it, Football in this country is going to continue to rise with the amount of players heading over to play in Europe. Its only a matter of time before these young players turn the Socceroos into the best team in Asia and consistently have success at major tournament. Maybe not win them but have long runs at the world cup.

The only issue I see for Cricket Australia and the team is, if you do rightfully remove Pat Cummins as captain, there doesn’t seem to be someone in the current set up with the balls to lead Australia the way it used to be. To take the team forward in to the future and make the National team one that the country can properly get behind. Be the pride of National teams in Australia like they were in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

Photo Credit: AP/File Photo

But for me, not a real cricket fan, I hope they continue to screw up the Captaincy selection and continue to fade away from relevancy as Football continue to rise.

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