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The A-Leagues February Football Bonanza!

With all the games in both the A-League men’s and womens being postponed during November and December, the bosses at the APL have delivered us an amazing February of Football, and they’ve called it the February Football Bonanza. Basically, everyday in February there will be either a Men’s or Womens A-League game on tv, and I for one thank them. If this was the way, it was all season long id be a happy man.

For the month of February, we will be treated to 63 games of football. A game basically every day, so whenever you open up your Paramount Plus app there will be a game live. It’s the perfect situation, and with it only being the 11th of February we still have over half the month left of this truly beautiful event. 27 Isuzu Ute Men’s games are still to be played with 17 Liberty Womens matches to go ahead. Unfortunately, a few games have been postponed, but that just means we will get more rescheduled games as the month progresses.

Phot Courtesy of The A-Leagues of Facebook

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who got a little ahead of themselves when I saw the pride of the League, Sydney FC sitting on top of the ladder, despite playing more games than most of the teams below them, but by the end of this month, most of those teams who have a back log of games will have completed them and we should have a clearer picture of the ladder. As I type this blog, Western United sit amazingly (considering who their manager is) a top the Men’s Ladder on 19 points after 10 games with City behind on 16 also after 10. Sydney FC after rising to the top sit in 3rd after 11 games on 16 points also. While the Mariners sit in 8th but have only played 10 games, so there is still a lot of confusion to be fixed.

On the Womens side of the draw it’s a little less confusing. Sydney FC sit on top of the ladder after playing 9 games. Clearly the most dominant side in the league, but those chasing them are all on very similar points and games played. Melbourne City sit in second 4 points back on the same games played while Melbourne Victory sit in 4th on 18 points with 8 games played. Unfortunately for the teams at the bottom like Wellington Phoenix having played 10 games and only have 1 point. Canberra sit just above them on 4 points but have only played 8 games.

With the remaining 44 games to be played this month, the Ladders will become more accurate. By the end of February, we should have a good picture of the teams in the hunt for the finals and titles, and those who will be looking towards next season and some drastic squad improvements. For the A-League womens it will see 2 new teams involved to hopefully provide more competition in the league, and as someone whose been to watch a few of the Phoenix womens games I hope that they not only get to play a first home game in Wellington but also hopefully bring the clubs first win. Hopefully that win will come before the end of this season.

My biggest worry during this month is the potential for more injuries or player burnout. Combine this Month of Mayhem with the FFA Cup final and the Socceroos and Matildas games and there is a potential for player burnout, particularly for those teams who make the finals and have the most games to catch up on, but i still love how much football there is on right now. A very unusual thing to be happening in February, were all used to the congested fixtures list coming in the lead up to Christmas and over the holidays period….but ill take it.

Ill finish this blog by saying, Don’t just watch these games on TV, get out to these games, support your teams live. Ive not only been to Sydney FC games this year but any team that play on a day I’m free……even Macarthur at Campbelltown stadium…..despite the ridiculous prices for tickets. Although I don’t recommend it.

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