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F1 Teams releasing their new Liveries means the new season is just around the Corner

Its that amazing time of year again, the Formula One teams are now releasing their new 2022 cars which means…. The 2022 season is just around the corner. And as we move into the new era with the new regulations and a whole new Car, Formula 1 is set for a very interesting 2022 season.

Last season we saw the closest finish for both the Constructors Championship and Drivers Championship with the later going down to the final lap of the season. And I know it’s been done to death on all the social media and news reporting, so I won’t go into it, but we all know, very Controversial circumstances although Max is a deserved World Champion. I just want to look forward to the future and what the new season, new cars, driver changes and regulations are going to bring us.

With the new car coming into the paddock, everyone is eagerly awaiting the car reveals from all the teams on their 2022 cars. This week McLaren and Aston Martin were the first 2 teams to show off their cars for the 2022 season. Aston Martins was beautiful. The classic Aston Martin Green coupled with Seb Vettel’s return to his long hair days was the perfect combination of Car and driver reveal. It was also the first chance for F1 fans to see what the new car would like with the team’s livery, and Ive gotta say, Aston Martin definitely didn’t disappoint. Everything about it to me looked amazing and I’m not even an Aston Martin fan. The new front wing looks a lot better than it did on the prototype 2022 car. The sponsor decals and colour just bring it all together. The body of the car and rear wing make the car look beefier than the Hybrid 2021 cars yet its still smaller and will allow for a lot more overtaking.

Photo Via

On the same day we also got a look at the McLaren MCL36, and for me a car that will hopefully bring home both the drivers and constructors’ championship in the new season. The standout out on the new McLaren livery is the beautiful blue strip down the sides extending to the rear wing. Combined with the Orange were used to with the McLaren team over the past seasons and the new addition of the black mixed in, it is easily the best livery from McLaren since the Silver Vodafone cars from the Lewis Hamilton, Jensen Button days. The new racing suits for Lando and Daniel also look sharp. It is truly a great Car reveal from McLaren, looking at the reaction from the McLaren fanbase it is widely loved by all of us and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I cant wait to see the car out on track for pre-season testing in 11 days’ time.

Photo Courtesy of

HAAS and RedBull have also come out with their versions of the 2022 car. Largely the same livery for HAAS who have put a lot of development into the new seasons car and are hoping that despite having a very young driver line-up, 2022 can be the year HAAS finally turn out some better results for their fans and sponsors. RedBull have also delivered a largely similar car. Kind of Bland and unappealing but they are slightly hamstrung by the colours of there teams naming sponsor. The addition of the Oracle sponsorship where RedBull used to be down the side is the only major change. Itll be interesting to see how the cars stack up side-by-side, especially when it’s put up against the Mercedes when they reveal their car.

So far, we’ve only seen the above comparison shot of the AM22 up against the MCL36, and the differences are easy to spot. Looking at the photo below you can see clear differences in the spot circled. The front and rear wings have small difference that will react differently for the Aero of the cars. The Floor at the rear of the car is also a quite different between the cars. I’m looking forward seeing more side-by-side comparisons of each car as well as the remaining team’s car reveals. Next up well see the release of the Alpha Tauri and Williams cars with Ferrari just after them. Once all of the teams have revealed their cars, we will be able to compare each cars livery and design.

Photo Courtesy of F1 on Instagram

All eyes will go to Spain on the 23rd of February when the cars hit the tracks for the First preseason test day. It will be the most anticipated test day for almost 10 years. To see if the smaller teams have built a car to make them competitive, have RedBull focused to much on the 2021 Championship and Neglected the new car development. And were Mercedes legitimately focusing harder on the 2022 car at the expense of the 2021 season and will they be dominant from the start yet again. So many stories will come out of the pre-season test days before the season begins. My real hope is that McLaren will be up there in the fight for the championships this season, whether its Lando or Daniel I don’t really care, I just want to see both drivers fighting for the podium and challenging the likes of Mercedes and RedBull.

One thing is for sure, if Netflix are in the paddock for the 2022 season, it will the most eagerly anticipated TV documentary to come out in 2023, more anticipated than the next season that documents the highly competitive title fights.

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