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Harder than you think

Let’s just all take a step back and look at a sport that is very underappreciated, lawn bowls. I find this sport amazing, and I think everyone should be getting amongst the game. It is a game that you can enjoy yourself, have a cold beer and relish in good company.

Lawn bowls has one objective: Get your bowls closest to the jack. Bowls is played on a green at the local bowling club and consists of many clubs such as Engadine Cougars, Gymea Gorillas, Taren Point Power, Sylvania Stingrays and Cronulla Bowling Club just to name a few. The jack is a small white ball and bowlers need to get their bowls close to the jack to score a point. It goes by “ends” which is bowling from a spot of the green and again from the opposite team to try and get close to the jack. Players or “bowlers” compete in competitions around the district which can lead to promotion into a bigger competition, such as the Pennants, State Cup or even be selected for the national team which is exciting for some bowlers.

Clubs that take part in the Pennants play in a league around their Clubs area. It is a good league where you can face tough competitors and still have a laugh all while playing the game, it is great fun to play and even better to watch and really should have more people, young and old, have a go at the game and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. I personally have played a game of lawn bowls and I found it quite relaxing and enjoyable, especially since I had the pleasure of meeting new people and some of Australia’s top bowlers who gave me some tips on how to improve my own gameplay as it requires a lot of concentration and judgement.

The bowl itself is shaved on one side which makes curve as it rolls. Judging the right weight and line you must put into your roll is very tricky and most of the time is hard to recreate the perfect bowl to get right next the jack, even the best bowlers sometimes struggle however tactical play does come into it as well (mostly if you’re in a team competition). It is difficult but then again not every sport can be easy, as in every top competition in the world, nonetheless, it is a fun game to play.

 I would highly recommend that everyone give lawn bowls a go. It is very enjoyable with good friends around you, and the chance to meet new friends is always there. It gives you a chance to be outside in the sun as well as be in the local club and just relax with a nice, cold beverage and socialize. It’s a very family friendly sport and its perfect for a family outing where even kids can “have a roll.” I think everyone should be amongst it and I will see you out there.

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