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The L.A Rams are world Champions!

The L.A Rams are the Superbowl LVI champions are a comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in LA. That’s right, back to back SuperBowl Champions winning it in there home stadium. The result, one I’m sure like me most people really can’t hate, and since my Patriots weren’t involved I actually got to watch this one with no personal leanings what so ever.

Photo Courtesy the AP: Julio Cortez

The game wasn’t as defensive as a lot of people had thought it would be, but at the same time it was. Both defences made great plays and stops to get off the field, especially in the first quarter, but once Stafford and Burrow settled in to the game, receivers became more open and holes opened for the running backs in the 2nd quarter. Heading into the break it was 13-10 to the rams but the Bengals came out firing after halftime with 10 points in the first 4 and a half minutes to take the lead. Unfortunately thought, they would be the only points they would score in the second half and when Stafford led his team down the field to score what would end up being the game tying TD in the 4th quarter, it was all left on the shoulders of Joe Burrow to match them down and win the game or send it to overtime.

Unfortunately for the Bengals and their fans, LA’s defence stepped up when it needed to most and got the stop on 4th and 1 to hand the ball to Matt Stafford to end it in Victory formation.

For Matt Stafford it was a massive win for his legacy. The number 1 draft pick out of college and the longest wait for a Quarterback taken at number 1 to win make a SuperBowl, after he spent 12 years at the Detroit Lions where he suffered through an 0-16 season. The man had suffered enough and was finally rescued by Sean McVay and the LA Rams. And now, after all that losing in Detroit, he lands in LA and helps deliver them their first Championship in LA. The emotion on his wife’s face after the NFC Championship said it all and there embrace after the Super Bowl Championship shows your how much this win means to Stafford, his family and his legacy.

For Head Coach Sean McVay it is the crowning of one of the youngest head coaches winning a SuperBowl. And a reward for the recruitment and planning that has gone on at the Rams since there loss to the Patriots just a few years ago. The addition of Ramsey, Donald, Kupp and Odell Beckham junior were complimented with the Quarterback that McVay thought would be the final piece in the puzzle…… and then they went and added SuperBowl MVP Von Miller to stack their defence and make it one of if not the most formidable Defensive Lines in the league. McVay had the balls to go all in and sacrifice years worth of draft stock to win this title, and he has achieved everything this season because of it.

Now on to the main piece in this L.A Rams team, Aaron Donald. While he didn’t win the MVP despite being a dominant force during the game. He made the final play of the game to end the Bengals chances of a comeback. Despite being double teamed time and time again he was able to get pressure on Joe Burrow forcing him to make errant passes or even be sacked by other members of the a defensive Line. While Kupp was definitely a worthy MVP, basically being the go to guy for Stafford down the stretch, Donald absolutely would also have been a fitting recipient.

Now for the bengals. A great season from a team that only 2 years ago was the worst in the league. To get their first playoff win, road playoff win, an AFC Championship over a Great Chiefs team and then almost hold on to a 4 point lead and win the SuperBowl is an amazing achievement. And while it definitely hurts right now to have coke so close and lost. The future is bright with Burrow and Chase in that offence and a Head Coach that knows how to scheme for even the best offences in the league. Bengals fans, the future is bright, and I’m sure more SuperBowl appearances and I’m sure an eventual title aren’t far away.

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