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Greedy 5 in England back at it again, US owners are a Poison on Football

I’m sure everyone reading this will remember the thought to be failed European Super League that the greedy clubs tried to start up last year. If you weren’t aware and have been living under a rock, the Greediest clubs in Europe led by Real Madrid and their grubby president Florentino Perez, tried to branch off and for their own European Cup competition where none of them had to Qualify for it. Clearly a douchebag move to try and maximise the money the clubs bring in from European competition. Luckily, Neither Dortmund or Bayern wanted to join, and PSG also didn’t join, which left it to Chelsea and Manchester City to pull out and start a snowball effect to where currently as things stand, only Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still active in the planning.

So, there’s the background to the ESL. So, now the Greedy 5 in the Premier League, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham plus loveable underdogs Manchester City have voted down a new owner’s charter because of one clause in it. They have refused to sign it because it would commit them to qualify for the Champions League tournament and as we know, these clubs feel it is their “right” to play in the Champions League. The claim it’s because of a potential change to the UEFA rules to qualification allowing 2 teams to qualify via their European Ranking or their UEFA coefficient based on recent performances in European competition.

It is believed that the 7th team to vote against the new owner’s chart was none other than New Money Newcastle United. But I’m here to tell you Toon fans, you’re owners should be focussing on staying in the Premier League at the end of this season. And with the potentially season ending injury to new signing Kieran Trippier, that task is now a lot harder. So, for them to be pre-emptively voting against some pretty straight forward decent rules that will help protect interest in the Premier League. If there is no competition for Champions league places, the league will get pretty boring straight after Christmas once Manchester City have already wrapped up the league title moving forward.

The main cause I see as the real reason this type of greed has started happening is because of the influx of American Owners buying the big clubs in the Premier League. The Main instigators in England were the Glazers at Manchester United and the Fenway Sports Group headed up by owner John Henry. They were then joined by Stan Kroenke owner of Arsenal before Tottenham, Chelsea before the Greedy 5 bullied Manchester City into joining. It must be noted, that at the time it ended, both Man City and Chelsea were the big drivers towards the disbanding of the league. So as much as I was very annoyed that the City’s owners let themselves get peer pressured into join the Super League and this time around no voting for easily the most suitable rule possible. If you want to play Champions League Football, be good!

And who the hell do Arsenal think they are? They haven’t been relevant in Europe for almost 10 years, so what gives them the right to assume they should be guaranteed a Champions League spot. At least, as bad as United have been since Fergie retired, they’ve made a Champions League final and actually won one this Millennium. Don’t even get me started on Tottenham but hey they’ve made a final in recent times. If Arsenal and Tottenham truly think they deserve to be in on History and Merit, I’m pretty sure Nottingham Forrest, who’ve won 2 European Cups and Villa who’ve also lifted the trophy. But this isn’t about Arsenal being irrelevant and not being able to qualify legitimately anymore, this is about Greedy and the poison that is US based Owners.

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Since they’ve come into the League almost 20 years ago when the Glazers acquired Manchester United in 2005. We’ve since seen FSG purchase Liverpool in 2010 followed shortly after by Stan Kroenke buying Arsenal the next year, the switch from focusing on winning trophies and having domestic and European success, to financial gains and making themselves richer. As host of the Price of Football podcast Kieran Maguire has said many times “owners need to stop seeing themselves as owners and start seeing themselves as custodians of the clubs they purchase” and hes right. It has often been said, Owners come and go, but these clubs are part of communities, families and history for the towns and Cities they are based in. Just look at what happened to Bury FC because of a horrible owner who couldn’t afford the club and literally just watched them DIE! the same thing is happening now with Derby County. Former owner Mel Morris put the club into liquidation after he just decided he didn’t want to run the club anymore. He is still loaded with a current net worth of 515million pounds(nearly $1 Billion AUD). But he got bored and decided rather than keep funding the club before finding a proper buyer, or you know, paying the outstanding creditors that he accrued the debts to like the HMRC(England’s ATO), the Administrators wouldn’t be needing to sell the club for 60 million pounds just to cover the debts that Mel Morris accrued.

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While Mel Morris wasn’t an American owner, he does signify the lack of true honest passionate football fans who want to own a club to be apart of the community not just make money from the. Just in the last 5 years, Wigan, Bury FC, Charlton FC, Derby County and Macclesfield Town have all almost become extinct. Obviously Bury and Macclesfield have of course become extinct and reborn by the fans who are still hurting from this. The list of clubs suffering from poor ownership is fucking endless man, but every time I see the sentence “ US Based Businessmen is interested in acquiring the club” I shudder. This is Football, not a US based sports franchise system that is designed to prioritise making money over winning trophies.

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If you think the ESL is dead, you are severely mistaken, Led by greedy Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, there are still workings behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes to make it a reality. I hope the Premier League and the Bundesliga teams who were invited stay strong on there decision to pull out of the competition, but I fear that with the voting down of a pretty basic rule towards merit, it may be an issue again sooner than we think.

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To finish this blog, I wanted to give PSG a special shout-out, they have been staunch in there decision to not become apart of the ESL, although, playing in France makes it pretty easy for them to qualify and not have to worry about missing out. But still, credit to you PSG.

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