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2022 Formula 1 liveries ranked

The new breed of Formula 1 cars have finally been seen on track during testing, along with their very elaborate car launches all throughout February. These new cars are extremely different to those last year, with the older cars now looking very blocky and arguably complicated with all their bargeboards and aerodynamic devices.

This year the new cars look awesome, but as per every year, each team does their job to put their respective stickers and sponsors on their car. Some have done a great job and some haven’t, so let’s look through the good and the bad of 2022 as I rank the 2022 Formula 1 liveries.

12. Haas F1 Team (with Uralkali branding)

Firstly, it says a lot about the unpredictability of F1 launch season that we are starting with number 12 on a list of 10 teams.

Number 12 is the Haas with the Uralkali branding. There is plenty to say about Uralkali and a particular driver in this team, but here is not the place. We focus on cars here and the fact is that this is simply the 2021 livery on the 2022 car. The red, blue and white stripes don’t really work on the car, especially as they don’t connect the front of the car to the back of the car. The stripes also don’t run in parallel with the bottom of the car either so it just looks both plain and a bit messy.

There is only so much you can do with not a lot of sponsors however, and going forward, this livery, like the 2020 Rokit Williams livery, may only exist in the world of F1 testing. I won’t really be sorry if this one is no more.

11. Oracle Red Bull Racing

Red Bull have fallen into a bit of a sponsorship trap. The famous Red Bull livery now looks very messy as Red Bull seemingly have too many major sponsors competing for space on the car. Red Bull, new title sponsor Oracle and crypto-currency company Bybit are now all over the car and it just looks a bit too much.

A non-F1 fan might get confused about who runs the team – it could very well be either a Red Bull, Oracle or Bybit car. And that is the problem. In past years, the Red Bull livery was a classic. Simple yet very recognisable. The 2022 design is too complicated and for that reason, it earns a 11th spot on my list.

10. McLaren Formula 1 Team

Looking through many comment sections on social media, the 2022 McLaren is a love or hate design. I fall on the latter as I don’t particularly like this design and colour scheme. McLaren launched five cars during their launch rather than the usual one, unveiling their F1 car, two McLaren Indycars, their McLaren eSports livery and their Extreme E car under the one roof, each livery all having something to do with each other.

The papaya is now synonymous with McLaren, but it is the addition of the new baby blue that just doesn’t fly with me. The dark blue from 2021 worked well with the orange but this livery, along with the open space on the car (especially without the British American Tobacco Velo sponsorship), just doesn’t look good. It looks like a basic livery you would choose in an F1 game when designing your own team and that isn’t a good thing. It is definitely bright and it will be hard to miss the McLaren high-visibility jacket, but I feel that this livery is a missed opportunity.

9. BWT Alpine F1 Team (Rounds 1-2)

Image: BWT Alpine F1 Team

Unlike Red Bull, it is very clear who the major sponsor on this car is. For the first two races of the year, Alpine will be showing off their new partnership with BWT by well and truly covering their car in pink.

I usually love pink racing cars due to how rare they are. They have however been a common appearance in F1 in recent years from 2017 to 2020 via Force India/Racing Point, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. The Alpine blue at the back just seems like an afterthought and doesn’t fit with the rest of the car. The red of the MAPFRE also doesn’t fit either, but sponsors want their brand to look a certain way so we can’t blame them for that.

Overall, I just can’t put my finger on it. I’m not really sure about this car. It looks okay and better than the Uralkali Haas, Red Bull and McLaren, so it ranks 9th for the 2022 season. It will be short lived however, with Alpine reverting back to their regular livery from the Australian Grand Prix onwards.

8. Williams Racing

The 2022 Williams is quite simply a blue car. That is pretty much it.

It’s a nice darker blue plus there are a few Williams F1 nods from the team’s new owners including the W on the engine cover and splashes of red harking back to the team’s proud British heritage. Simply, it’s a nice looking Formula 1 car.

Nothing really special however, hence its eighth place on this list.

7. BWT Alpine F1 Team (Rest of the Season)

Image: BWT Alpine F1 Team

What was arguably the best looking car from 2021 has moved back to the midfield with the addition of new title sponsor BWT. The Alpine blue still looks great but I am not sure about the integration of the BWT pink. There is also the random red of MAPFRE just like the pink Alpine from before which just doesn’t belong.

Alternately, it is still nice to see Alpine go with a gloss finish when a lot of teams – Ferrari, Red Bull, AlphaTauri, etc – use a matte finish. Gloss still looks great, with the trade off being it weighs more on the car.

Overall, The BWT Alpine looks nice and it is definitely is better than the all pink Alpine earlier in the list. But this year, it has been beaten by some design power hitters who just got it all right.

6. Haas F1 Team (without Uralkali branding)

Image: Haas F1 Team

While this was never really meant to happen or was planned in any way at all, the plain Haas, run on the final day of the first test, is proof that less is more. The white car with black wings just looks nice on track. It reminds me a bit of Brawn GP that won the championship in 2009, albeit without the dayglow yellow/green.

White F1 cars in the past are classics in my opinion, such as the Martini Williams (2014-2018), BrawnGP (2009) and BMW Sauber (2006-2009) in recent years. While this one is likely not to be a classic (depending on sponsorship and performance in the near future), it is a nice example of how a plain F1 car can still look great.

5. Scuderia AlphaTauri

Image: Scuderia AlphaTauri

When AlphaTauri launched their car, I wasn’t sure about it at first. But since then, it has really grown on me and I quite like the black and dark grey/blue of the livery.

It all works nicely, and it is nice to have only one sponsor cover the entire car from top to bottom (looking at you Red Bull). Similar but different to the last two years for AlphaTauri, but a nice job overall.

4. Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

Image: Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team

After two years being adorned in a black livery, Mercedes returns to the famed Silver Arrows silver for 2022. Instantly recognisable and a lesson in how simple can be awesome. The race numbers are a huge improvement over last year and are now legible. The green lines of Petronas work well with the silver of Mercedes and for the first time, we have an all green rear wing on the Mercedes as a bit of a change-up.

The red of the INEOS branding is now better integrated into the design , and I love the AMG treatment Mercedes have given the wheel covers. It all works perfectly, but I wouldn’t call it stunning. For that reason, it just misses out on the podium in fourth.

3. Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Image: Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Alfa Romeo were the last team to unveil their car and what a car it is. Along with two new drivers in Valtteri Bottas and Gyanyu Zhou, Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN have a new look that also harks back to its past, with the Alfa Romeo badge used from 2018 to 2021 changed to the Alfa Romeo logo used over 100 years ago. The colours are also similar to those used back when Alfa Romeo had their own works team in the early 1980s.

The red and white colour scheme looks great, along with the treatment Alfa has given to the wheel covers. It was worth the wait and I look forward to seeing it out on track for the first time, due to Alfa Romeo running a camouflage livery in testing. A well earned podium for Alfa Romeo.

2. Scuderia Ferrari

Image: Formula 1

The new Ferrari is a stunner and claims my number two spot. The car itself is a true piece of art with the sidepod design being something completely out of the ordinary. There are many nods to Ferrari F1 history – the black front and rear wings and the dashes of yellow on the new wheel covers. These go back to the early to mid 1990’s with the design looking eerily similar to the first Ferrari that Michael Schumacher drove in 1996.

The livery is simple yet unmistakingly Ferrari. The only change I would have made was to have the race numbers in white rather than black. In black currently, they may be a bit hard to see when on the track going race speed. The car design itself is so different, and it will either be the fastest car or it will sink. For Ferrari fans who have waited so long for their team to be near the top of the championship, this will be a decisive year. Their car looks great. That’s step one.

1. Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team

Image: Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team

Aston Martin were one of the first car launches and it was one of the best. When the covers were taken off, I was amazed at how beautiful this thing was. The green has been changed to the proper Aston Martin green, with the lime green ascents that were missing in 2021.

Out on the track, it looks even better and for me, it is the best looking car on the grid in 2022. Everything about this car works. It was a tight race however between the Ferrari and this for the number one spot, with the clincher being the glossy finish compared to the matte of the Ferrari along with the clearer race numbers.

It now looks like a true Aston Martin race car. Job done. Hopefully we can see this green machine closer to the front this year.

The Aston Martin for me is the best looking car this year, closely followed by the Ferrari and the Alfa Romeo. Regardless, we should be in for a great year and a great looking grid.

What are your favourite liveries for this year? The season will kick off on the 21st of March for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Welcome to a new era of Formula 1.

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