Vale Shane Keith Warne

So it’s my first article of the year. I’ve just celebrated the birth of my son and I’ve just woken up to the news. Shane Keith Warne has passed away at the age of 52 from what has been reported as a suspected heart attack.

Courtesy of 7Cricket

Bowwwwling Shane, the catch cry from wicket-keepers Ian Healy and Adam Gilchrist will forever live long into our hearts and memories. It will become as iconic as Neil Armstrong’s ” One small step for man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”

Warnie finished off his career playing a combined 301 First Class & Test Matches. Taking a massive 1319 wickets at a average of 26.11.

He will go down as the greatest leg spin bowler of all time. But not just that, he was a larrikin who was fond of a meat pie, beer and a smoke. Did not epitomise that of an athlete, but merely that of a bloke with a talent to play the game of cricket and who loved to entertain a crowd. Even with his career behind the microphone as a commentator, you knew you were about to listen to something that would push the boundaries of appropriateness and we would laugh and shake our head. But most of all we would know that when he spoke of the game it was with a passion and understanding that few possessed.

But, it’s not often that such talent is not plagued with a negative side. And Warnie had landed his career and personal life at times in some hot water. Today isn’t the day to highlight those times. He was human. We are all prone to mistakes.

Courtesy of 7Cricket

Much like every other kid who grew up in Australia in the 90s, I wanted to bowl leg spin. Being left handed it was something I could not work out. He had the Nike Swoosh earring, bleach blonde hair, Hollywood good-looks and a swagger and arrogance that you couldn’t help fall in love with. I spent winters wanting to be David Beckham and summers trying to Warnie!

Cricket will never feel the same. Pitch reports changed after the passing of the great Tony Greig and pronouncing the score at 2-222 after Richie Benaud left us. This is no different. A hole has been left that I don’t think can ever be filled

Courtesy of 7Cricket

My thoughts and prayers go out to his children, his family and friends. We have been blessed to have been apart of Shane’s life from a public view. His memory will forever live on.

Courtesy of 7Cricket

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