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Well here we are, the start of a new season is coming this Thursday and what a season we have a head of ourselves. Understandably I’m going to upset some people with my predictions for the year a head but I’m not here to make everyone happy and agreeable with each other. 

But now is time for me to break down how I see the ladder looking at the end of the season. I will work my way from 16th to 1st this was a hard task to break down but in my opinion this will be what the ladder will be at the end of the season. 

Defending premiers the Penrith Panthers (Getty)

16th – North Queensland Cowboys

Now for all you Cowboys fans that are upset I’m sorry but I’m struggling to see any major improvement in your squad for the upcoming season and unfortunately for you all I feel like you are in for a long season ahead. 

15th – West Tigers 

Where do I start with Wests, for a team that always seems to promise the world they barely seem to even deliver an inflatable globe, and sorry Tigers fans but it is going to be more of the same this year and I feel like we will be seeing the return of Tom Sheens sooner than later. 

14th –  Canterbury Bulldogs 

Here is one that I know is going to cause a stir but for me while yes the Bulldogs have recruited extremely well this year unfortunately for you dogs fans that are feeling like this could be the year you move up the ladder to the position you think you should be in I just don’t think Barrett is the coach to achieve what is wanted/needed at Belmore. 

New Bulldog Josh Addo Carr image taken from

13th – Newcastle Knights

Here we go with the first major drop off from last year, despite being on the rise the last few seasons I feel that losing an experienced half in Mitchell Pearce and having to deal with the circus around Ponga and the Dolphins. Yes he is denying it but when there is smoke you usually see fire. 

12th – St George Illawarra 

Despite what you may think about me putting the Dragons down this low because I’m a Sharks fan but I want to see both of the teams doing well as it can creat even better games between the two of us. Yet I feel it is another case of making big roster changes but is it to much of a change?

11th – Brisbane Broncos

Now time for one that I’m pretty certain with, ok the position on the ladder may be slightly different but I still don’t think the Broncs will make the finals. While they have made some good signings much like other teams that is all good except I think they are a little weak in their depth. 

Adam Reynolds looks set to miss Brisbane’s NRL season opener after a positive COVID-19 test. Credit: AAP

10th – Canberra Raiders 

Moving on to where I began starting to find it harder to give my predictions. While Canberra hasn’t made any major signings they also haven’t lost any major players so I see them staying in the same position as last year. 

9th – New Zealand Warriors 

What can I say about the Warriors and the season ahead, I’m so hopeful that they can have a good season after the struggles of the last 2 years completely on the road. Yes they are in the same boat this year but as I said I’m hoping they can pull it together and who knows what they could do. 

8th – Gold Coast Titans 

Time for the top 8 and to kick it off I have the Titans. Yes they should be stronger then last season but I honestly feel that all the other teams in the mix have strengthened as much or slightly more so for me the Gold Coast will finish in the same place as last year on the ladder. 

The Gold Coast Titans are looking to build on last season image taken from Instagram/@gctitans

7th – Parramatta Eels

Now onto the team with the longest running current premiership drought in the NRL, while all the players are talking it big that they have promised to have the best season ever. I’m not disputing that but I feel like they will get to a point in the season when the growing pressure will get to them and they will fall down the ladder. 

6th – Cronulla Sharks 

Well time for me to look at my team and I see us as the team to break into the top 8. Now I’m not saying we will the comp but we will be one of the top teams this season. Yes we have made significant signings similar to other sides but the big difference is I feel that we have depth and and we signed to fix up our issues from last year. 

5th – South Sydney 

Last years beaten grand finalist, now in no way am I saying they will have a huge fall but I’m feeling that there will be a slight drop this year following the loss of Adam Reynolds and by having Cody Walker and if he still has any mental demons from the grand final interception. 

 Cody Walker will be looking to make amends for his costly error in last years grand final (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

4th – Melbourne Storm 

Is this the year of the demise? As much as we all want it to be as long as they have who I believe is the best coach of my lifetime so far I can’t see them falling apart and struggling with the season that lies ahead. 

3rd – Sydney Roosters 

For the Roosters, if the Storm have the best then the boys from Bondi have the undoubted 2nd best at the moment and I can not see them having as hard a season as last year given all the injuries they encountered so should they keep the whole squad on the park then they will go mightily close. 

2nd – Manly Sea Eagles

Of course this hurts putting Manly high up but I have to feel they would have been higher up the ladder last year had they had Tommy Turbo all season. Given the year Turbo had if he backs it up with a similar if not better season then they could be almost unstoppable this year.  

Coming off winning the Dally M Medal despite not playing the full season can Tommy Turbo back it up again Getty Images

1st – Penrith Panthers 

Keeping it simple, defending premiers and not much change if any to the squad. As I said that is keeping it simple but going a bit harder you have to think given they are a younger squad they have plenty of improvement to make as a team, on top of that what Cleary was able to do with only the use of one arm you have to think about the next level he can go to. 

There we have it my predictions for the season ahead if you disagree with them then tell me how, if you agree with me then I say your either lying or a genius but at the end of the day just because I’ve put teams anywhere they are in the top 8 doesn’t mean that they can’t win the comp this year. I honestly think we could see a side from outside the top 4 win it this year. 

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