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Well how about that after spending 2 years away at the home of the enemy the Sharks finally returned to the ground of 1000 names that is currently known as PointsBet Stadium. In what may very well be a contender for the game of the year already the boys in the black, white and blue took in the blue and gold might of the Parramatta Eels. 

However before I begin talking about the game in general I feel like I should touch on how amazing it felt to get ready in the afternoon to make my way home. Once I arrived  to Woolooware and made my way inside the ground it was like I had never left. 

While not finished the new leagues club side of the ground is taking shape (image courtesy of FanBabble Ben)

Now I’m not saying that missed the game days but I the past 2 seasons because being honest I didn’t really miss the games, that was until this first game back. Not long after I started walking the path to my seats I began getting this strange feeling I am finding it hard to describe but as I type this up afterwards I believe it was the sense of being home. 

That sense of being at home I don’t think had anything to do with the game but was in my opinion due to being able to regularly get to hang out with my mates again. This night was definitely worth the two years away from them. 

Finally on to the game to me it felt like a great game between 2 of the better teams in the competition this year. In a game that was played in front of a sold out crowd of nearly 12,000 supporters and members not one person can home home disappointed with the performances of the teams, the refereeing on the other hand well lest not touch on that. 

Waiting for the game to begin (image courtesy of FanBabble Ben)

Cronulla seemed to take a well deserved lead after a hard fought opening 10 minutes of the match where parts very nearly got the first meat pie but it was a try from man of the fans in the shire Ronaldo Mulitalo down the left wing. Parra thought they hit back with 15 left in the first half but for the bunker to intervene due to the ball being grounded on the dead in goal line. 

Following the disallowed try Cronulla took good control of the ball which lead to a second try on the opposite side of the field this time to Sione Katoa. The first half ended with the Eels fighting back to get a true party style try right on the half time siren for Mitchell Moses. 

Coming back for the second half Parramatta came out strong and received two penalties to that resulted in two penalty goals that resulted in Parra taking the lead. They would hold the lead for less then 5 minutes as Connor Tracey went over in the corner after a speculative pass from Nicho Hynes for the Sharks 3rd try of the match. 

After the game taking in the atmosphere of the win (image courtesy of FanBabble Ben)

Parramatta would then retake the lead with almost 17 minutes on the clock as Reed Mahoney followed Shaun Lane through the line to pick up a the Eels 2nd try of the match. From there it became a real struggle for the sharks as they seemed to want to score on every play, they would get one final chance with 50 seconds on the clock as Teig Wilton took a beautiful side of hand style ball from Matt Moylan to level scores up before the major signing for the Sharks heading into the season Nicho Hynes stepped up to slot his first and only conversion of the day to give the sharks a well deserved win. 

What a perfect way to end they day with Hynes slotting the winner on his home debut and the return home for us shire faithful. To round off I’m not saying we will win it but if we can find ways to win tight games like that and potentially win even better then we can give the comp a real shake this season. 

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