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The Heavyweight Landscape

So here we are once again talking about the state of the Heavyweight Division. I have received alot of hate and just typical keyboard warrior comments in regards to my previous post about Tyson Fury being the biggest fraud of his generation. Guess what boys and girls? You took the bait. As I previously stated, […]


Well here we are, only 2 rounds in to the season yet for me we already have a major question arising, has Sydney FC’s immense run come to an end? Now as I said yes the season is only 2 games old but something seems off with Sydney already this year but what is the […]

Thought we were about to get off to a flyer with The Gauch going down narrowly by 0.2L to guess who the 10 Ocean Beyond who we said to have a saver on and paid $5.50 so with a bonus bet and the saver a winner it wasn’t all bad. Our luck of narrows continued […]

Mr. X’s Saturday Horsing Around Tips

Well what a fairly disappointing week with Belle Plasir going down for 3 rd early on and Ma and Pa aswell as Bless Her also getting nabbed in the finish we saw a return of $25 but $55 in bonus bets asIndiana Lily and Kiss The Bride disappointed. The weather has been playing havoc with […]

Can Tim Tszyu Take on the big boys?

By Fanbabble Pat The short answer to this question is maybe. I say maybe as I was very unimpressed with the way he couldn’t get the finish against a guy who from what I seen gave up and was being used as a punching bag.  I know everyone wants to see finishes but to say […]

BACK ON THE HUNT- Sydney FC Season Preview 

Here we go it’s time for the start of what we can expect to be another enthralling A-League season. However for us Sydney FC fans this year is something different then recent history as fo the first time since the 15/16 season we begin a new campaign after going trophy-less in the season prior.  While […]

A-League 2021/22 Kit Rankings Pt 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my 2021/22 Kit rankings blog. I’m sure Part 1 has stirred a little bit of a debate, but after all these are my opinions and so therefore……they’re right. Ok, Now lets get back into the rankings. 6. Kicking off the top 6 of my rankings is Macarthur FC. Speaking to […]

A-League 2021/22 Kit Rankings Pt 1

In the lead up to the new A-League Men’s season I wanted to do a blog ranking the clubs kits for this season. Keep in mind this is a combination of both Home and Away kits in the ranking. Let’s get into it. 12. Coming in at number 12 and bottom of the rankings are […]

Mr. X’s Saturday Horsing Around Tips

Anyone else feeling like there is a total horse racing lull the week after the end of the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington? What a week it was with 4 days of quality racing and some champions showed their true colours while some other highly touted ones went belly up bust. Mr X’s first tip […]

Australia v Saudi Arabia: My thoughts

Last night I went to my first live sporting event for some time. I was there along with 23 thousand other passionate football fans to welcome back the Australian National team ( the Socceroos if you will) back to Australia for the first time in over 750 days. Despite the terrible weather the conditions for […]

Wet and Wild: Round Nine Roundup of Supercars

The rain arrived, the lights were on and the action commenced. The second week at Sydney Motorsport Park was a spectacle to say the least, with plenty of drama, penalties, great racecraft and a few wet spectators. It will take a bit for me to fully realise what on earth we just saw but let’s […]

Draw Reaction: Top 5 Fixtures to get excited about for the Sharks

This morning, after initially promising on Friday, we finally had the release of the NRL draw. If you’re like me you’ve already planned your days off, your away trips and in the calendar, and you’re sitting and watching the clock as we wait for Round One. Every Sharks game, for me, is must watch. I […]

The Boss and Yorky preview the Manchester Derby

So here it is, the first Manchester Derby of the season. One of the most anticipated matches on the calendar in world football, the Manchester Derby is notorious for hard tackles right on the border line of dirty, and then of course Roy Keane tackles which are only ever dirty. But for City fans, the […]

Mr. X’s Saturday Horsing Around Tips

How Verry Elleegant was the Melbourne Cup as the Australian Horse of the year saluted after an absolute peach of a ride (as predicted) by J Mac. Our cup runner by runner write up pinpointed that she was drawn better than most had claimed, and she would settle more forward and be there at the […]

The CFP committee is really hiding their Bias

So, it’s that time of year again. After weeks and weeks of AP and Coaches polls coming out, the only poll that truly matters has just been released, and wholly shit did they get it wrong. Here is their attempt at the top 4. 1. Georgia 2. Alabama 3. Michigan State 4. Oregon. I’ll start […]


Have you ever thought that you are getting a good deal with all the streaming providers that provide sport? If you answer yes to that question, what makes you think it is such a good deal? If you answered no then I would like to ask, how it can be fixed?  In all honesty my […]

My 5 Take aways from the Sports week

01/11/21 I am back again with another week of my sports take aways, and although it was a slow week again in Australian sports, we did have some news to come out of Australia. And ill lead off with possibly the biggest news in football this week. The first take away is Adelaide United midfielder […]

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